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You deserve the service and attention to make you feel at ease and confident in the skill and compassion of your attorney. Our dedication to quality, understanding of legal procedures, and commitment to the service of our clients create a unique ability to achieve results for our clients in all facets of our representation. We serve as effective advocates at the negotiating table and before judges and juries. We take great pride in our devotion to the law, justice, and the right to affordable legal services.

The Law Firm of STERN, STERN & FRUTCHMAN can represent you in New York, New Jersey, or Florida. While we represent you, we will offer our superior service to you. From the first days of representation, we provide you with answers to the most common legal questions concerning your real estate transaction. We also give you a legal road map of what you can expect during our representation.

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When should you contact an attorney for your real estate transaction?

As soon as you start to look or to market your house. An attorney can advise you about closing costs, procedures, time frames, coordination of transactions, the difference in laws between States, and other important considerations. At the Law Office of Jack Stern, we do not charge you for your phone calls and you should engage us right at the beginning.

Who needs to discuss Elder Law or Medicaid Planning with an attorney?

Anyone that has children or parents, as well as anyone that is approaching retirement age. When you have young children it is crucial that you have a will to set forth who will raise your children in the event you pass. If you have elderly parents or other relatives that might need assistance to function the option of applying for governmental benefits to help you pay for these services is a very real possibility.

When should you consult with a lawyer about starting a business?

Immediately. There are many forms of business entities, and you should make an informed decision to protect yourself from liabilities and taxes. If there are two or more participants, then a “partnership” style agreement is crucial to avoid problems and misunderstandings down the road.